The reference for street lighting and connected services

Citelum, EDF smart lighting and connected services subsidiary, creates a smart, attractive and sustainable world of light.

Citelum is developing its expertise in public lighting in the areas of traffic signage, artistic lightings and connected urban services: video protection, electric vehicle charging, Wi-Fi, air quality and noise sensors…

Over 1,000 cities and industries in the world have already trusted Citelum including Mexico City, Santiago, Albuquerque, Copenhagen, Rome, Venice, Barcelona, Dijon, Nice…

With 2,600 employees in 2017, the Group generated a turnover of more than 300 million Euros, including 80% internationally.

As part of the creation of AIRLAB, Citelum will be testing a connected urban street furniture prototype that measures mobility in real time. Click here, for more information about the project. / Twitter : @Citelum