Results of the international challenge 2019

The winners of the "2019 Microsensors Challenge" were rewarded by Airlab partners at the end of the international workshop on 21 january 2020 teachings and challenges related to microsensors measuring the air quality organized by Airparif and the AFD.  This new international edition has allowed willing manufacturers to have their solutions evaluated by using Airparif's know-how and an independent evaluation composed by a jury of French and international experts. It thus makes it possible to enlighten the potential users regarding the adequacy and the performances of the product with respect to the intended uses. 

The results of this 2019 edition: 

 Four award-winning sensors of the 2019 Challenge
4 sensors marketed by 3 companies are at the top of the bill of this second edition and are the winners of this challenge with a result of 4.5 out of 5 stars: 
• In the category "Indoor Air - Piloting (IA-P)”: The E 4000NG sensor marketed by NanoSense (France) 
• In the category "Indoor Air - Monitoring (IA-M)”: The E 5000RE sensor also marketed by NanoSense (France) 
• For all "Indoor Air" categories, whether it is monitoring, awareness or piloting: AIRVISUAL PRO+ sensors marketed by IQAIR (Switzerland) and LASER EGG marketed by KAITERRA (China)

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Published on 2020-03-04

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