In situ experiment of remediation solutions to validate performances and define the best use cases

Aerial view of the site of the Parisian Company of Urban Heating

Context and issues

In France, as in many European countries, the regulatory limit values ​​for air pollution are not always respected. This is particularly the case for fine particles and nitrogen oxides, whose main sources are automobile traffic, heating or industry.

The objectives of reducing the exposure of citizens to these pollutants encourage cities to act. But the actions proposed by cities and territories are generally difficult to implement. However, overruns of regulatory thresholds in most major French urban areas place France in a position of infringement to the European Commission.

It is therefore necessary to couple these actions with solutions having a short-term impact, with the aim of reducing the pollution levels now and thus improving the quality of the air we breathe.


Description of the experiment: test of outdoor solutions to clean up air pollution

The project, led by ENGIE France Réseaux with the support of ENGIE Lab Crigen's scientific teams, aims to evaluate the performance of remediation systems. The experiment will take place on the site of CPCU (Parisian Company of Urban Heating), located in the district of the docks of Saint-Ouen.

The selected remediation solutions will be evaluated in parallel in order to validate their performances according to the different use cases and thus ensure their relevance.

This study will focus on the evaluation of efficiency of fine particles remediation. It would nevertheless be interesting to be able to follow the evolution of other substances, such as nitrogen dioxide (NO2), during the tests.


Project steps:

- Choice of systems for the capture / remediation of fine particles (PM),

- Selection and installation of a network of sensors on the experimental site in order to follow the evolution of the concentrations of fine particles (PM) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2),

- Choice of the location of remediation solutions using digital flow modeling tools (CFDs),

- Installation of remediation solutions and launching of the experiment,

- Exploitation of the results and validation of the performances of the solutions,

- Validation of use cases adapted to remediation solutions.


The duration of this experiment will be about 6 months.



Published on 2019-06-12

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