Real time pollution levels for all roads in Ile-de-France:

an API for innovative smartphone applications

NO2 levels, as measured by Airparif

After 10 years of development, in October 2017 Airparif is launching a new API that will share over 30 million pieces of data on air quality in the Ile-de-France region, in real time, every hour.

The API uses several digital tools that can cross-reference data on road traffic, energy use, meteorological conditions and, of course, air quality. These highly powerful digital tools generate real time pollution data across the entire Ile-de-France region to a spatial resolution of under 50 square metres, and can achieve 10 square metres in Paris. Data is available on the four most problematic pollutants in Ile-de-France: nitrogen dioxide (NO2), particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5) and ozone (O3).

Using this API makes it possible to create maps of air quality in real time and check pollution levels in a given location (via geolocation or address input), or for a journey. This makes it a rich source of information, highly precise in terms of space and time, for communicating on air quality through developing innovative smartphone applications for the AIRLAB Community.

Freely available under the OdBL, the data can also be used by data scientists, data analysts and other interested parties to provide innovative services or build on scientific knowledge. They will be able to cross-reference the data with almost all types of data that may be produced in other locations or by other people.


Published on 2018-02-26

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