Meo provides its patented air quality improvement platform to businesses and governments in Hong-Kong and France.

Meo is a Hong Kong based, health focused company for businesses and governments providing innovative technology solutions to common environmental concerns with an initial focus on air quality. Meo launched blue – an air quality improvement platform

Blue is a patented platform composed of a fleet of devices, connected to a dedicated cloud by Wi-Fi. Customers get insightful data and analysis through their dedicated access to customers website, App and dedicated report providing weekly analysis. Monitoring Particulate Matters (PM2.5, PM10) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Temperature and Humidity occurs in real time 24/7. Alerts and weekly summary reports are provided to help understand and take actions to reduce air pollutants. It is designed for Smart Buildings (schools, universities, health facilities ...) and Smart Cities.

Blue lets users understand the origin and the flow of air pollution where grids are deployed. Both indoor or outdoor 24/7 air quality data over time enables proper planning to reduce people’s exposure to air pollution. Blue combines top hardware, software platform, industrial and aesthetic design. High air quality measurements are coupled with versatile data management accessible through the App or website, and versatile connectivity thru Bluetooth BLE and Wi-Fi.


Meo offers Air Monitoring as a Service (monthly subscription) to corporate clients only. We focus on two markets: smart-buildings and smart-cities, addressed to offices&buildings, travel&hospitality, healthcare, leisure&entertainment, and education.

The team at meo is moved by a common interest in the air we breathe and in the environment in which we raise our children. Based in large Asian, Latin-American and European cities, meo team is multidisciplinary. Composed by a Founder with a technical background in signal processing, and co-founders previously holding Partner or Director positions in Law, Finance, Software, Electronics, and Communications. We also have committed advisors with expertise in Technology, IoT and in the China market.